Cardinales Harness || Pre-Order
Cardinales Harness || Pre-Order
Cardinales Harness || Pre-Order
Cardinales Harness || Pre-Order
Cardinales Harness || Pre-Order
Cardinales Harness || Pre-Order

Cardinales Harness || Pre-Order

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CARDINALES is a  piece in the style of a harness with eight figures made from gold-plated brass and fastened with black Italian leather straps.

100% handcrafted between Spain and Hong Kong.

Each piece takes an approximate of 20 hours of artisan labor.  All the harnesses are different and unique.


How does one define excellence?

Since the origins of philosophy we have theorized about its definition and practice. The Greek term we translate for 'virtue' is areté, and it means 'the excellence of a thing'. But many virtues must be mastered to approach excellence.

These virtues were personified from as early as the third century A.D. as young horsewomen fighting the vices. The triumph of good over evil.

Over time they were stripped of their warlike appearance and left behind the idea of young warriors so as to obtain a character of majesty and wisdom. This piece represents the four cardinal virtues: Fortitude, Prudence, Justice and Temperance.

CARDINALES is a jewel that embraces the torso to emphasize the concept of armour; a set of defensive pieces provided with straps and buckles used to secure and transport things necessary for a purpose. These necessary 'things' are in our case the four Virtues.

Fortitude, represented by columns. Columns destroyed and recomposed, columns with lion and lioness heads that protect the chest.

Prudence, in the mouth of the stomach, looks at herself in the mirror to observe herself in detail. Good decisions cannot be taken without a deep knowledge of oneself. Part of her is a second identity, an old man's face that looks back at the past, contributing with his wisdom and experience. A snake coils around his left arm, a symbol of observing cautiously before taking action.

Justice, the bones that hold us all together; regardless of gender, race or social status. She's found in the gut. She's reason and instinct, fighter and the protector of balance.

Temperance at the back, holds them all in place, so that they do not get distracted or fall down. It is represented by the bridle piece that is placed in the horses' mouths. Being in control of our impulses and feelings is as important as acknowledging them.

This piece is inspired by Laura Cano's polyptych 'Origen' (Madrid, Spain November 2023)  and the depictions of the Virtues by Pollaiuolo and Botticelli for the Sala dell'Audienza del Tribunale della Mercanzia in Florence.

CARDINALES is also the first piece of the 'LA ARETÈ' Collection of SANTAVANITAS for 2024. 

*This piece is exclusively made to order:The craftsmanship time takes and estimate of 4/7 weeks before shipping. Each piece is bespoke made so we will request some body measurements. As soon as your pieces are ready, we will let you know.
Thank you very much for your support and patience.

Please contact for any further information.