Make sure you print this guide out in the scale of 100% on A4 paper and change Page Scaling to ‘none’ in your print set up.
To make sure that the printed document has the correct scale, please measure the line below with a ruler.
Place a ring that fits your finger over the chart below.
The inner edge of the ring should align with the circle below. If your ring falls in between two sizes, we recommend you to choose the larger size. 




     If your are not sure about your bracelet size, use the rectangle above to measure your wrist. Cut the rectangle and wrap your wrist with it, the mark that you get will be your bracelet size. If you are not sure about the fit, we recommend you to pick the next larger size.

  NOTE_ The images in this page are only a preview.  Please download our 'Size Guide' for printing here.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you want to order a special ring or bracelet size.