Jewellery care

SANTAVANITAS pieces are made of precious metals and meant to last a lifetime and be passed through generations, however they are delicate objects and need to be handled with care.
Please follow the tips below for your SANTAVANITAS jewellery care.


Mix a small amount of mild dish detergent with warm water in a bowl. Put the jewellery into the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the jewellery. Rinse the piece and dry thoroughly with a soft polishing cloth. You can also use a polishing cloth for extra shine and to remove any tarnish.


Silver tarnishes quite quickly when it comes into contact with oxygen or sulfur. The best way to prevent this is wearing your silver jewellery often. The oils from your skin help prevent tarnishing.
To store your silver jewellery, use an airtight plastic bag and if you can, put in a piece of chalk or silica gel.
If your silver is tarnished the best way to clean it is using a jewellery polishing cloth.


Our pieces are cast in solid 925 sterling silver and 18 karats gold plated at 3 microns.
Soap, oil, nail polish, polish remover, perfume, detergents and the likes may react with metal or plated jewellery and will cause them to tarnish easily. The same goes with sweat. Depending on one’s diet, it’s not uncommon for the chemicals in your sweat to cause plated jewellery to tarnish and discolor.
To clean, gently wipe off any dirt or blemishes with a slightly damp, soft piece of cotton cloth and dry with a clean towel. Stay away from jewellery cleaners or soap – they might have corrosive components that damage the gold-plating.


Pearls need proper care to last many many lifetimes.
Pearl experts say: put them on at last but take them off first.
Pearls are more vulnerable to the chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume. And pearls do not like chlorine - neither in swimming pools or even regular showers. Do all your primping before you put your pearls on. Pearls should only be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with water.