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Collection: Consuelo

Consuelo means consolation. 
From the act of consoling. Noun
1. The act of consoling or state of being consoled; solace.
2. A person or thing that is a source of comfort in a time of suffering, grief, disappointment, etc.
3. Joy, delight.
This collection talks about common places where we all go when we are in need of comfort.
Trapped in a spiral of work, efforts, re invention and self-sacrifice, I find myself looking for moments of consolation. Something or someone that assures me that everything will be all right, that it isn’t such a big deal; something or someone that helps me lift this heavy weight so that I can rest a little and recharge the batteries for the next round.
Consuelo is a place where to rest and forgive oneself the minor sins. Consuelo is a sacred moment of peace that we all know where, how or from whom to find when we need it.
Consuelo is also my mother’s name.
Pilar Cano Romero
NOTE: This collection will be presented piece by piece during the next following months.
We are a sustainable and conscious brand and good things take time. Thanks for the patience and support.
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