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  • It includes a screwdriver made also of the precious metal chosen by you. It can be worn as pendant. This piece helps to lock and unlock the bracelet.
  • Screwdriver measurements: Length: 35mm | base: Ø5mm  
  • Available in solid 925 sterling silver, 18Kt gold-plated 925 silver with 3 microns & solid 18Kt gold.
  • You can check our size guide here

Handcrafted in Cordoba, South of Spain.

    Bracelet inspired by the door knocker or ‘aldaba’. The first door knockers from the Middle Ages were hammers suspended on the outside surface of a door. The oldest and most common shape is a shackle or iron ring. This was usually connected to a bronze head that represented a lion, a gryphon or a chimera.
    This type of door knockers was placed in particular on the doors of temples and churches because it was so required by the tradition of right to asylum.
    Everyone who clung to them was protected: he or she could only be judged by God or by the gods. In Christian churches, the right to asylum had its beginnings in the Emperor Constantine’s time.
    Originally this privilege was granted in order to aid the innocents that were being accused or persecuted unfairly.