The Fake Gorgon II Ear cuff
The Fake Gorgon II Ear cuff
The Fake Gorgon II Ear cuff
The Fake Gorgon II Ear cuff

The Fake Gorgon II Ear cuff

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The Fake Gorgon II Ear cuff is handcrafted in Cordoba, South of Spain from 18Kt gold-plated 925 silver with 3 microns & coral color hand painted enamel.

Length of the chain is 5cm.



According to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, coral was born from the drops of blood that dripped from the neck of the Gorgon Medusa after being beheaded by the sword of Perseus.

In the Middle Ages, there was the belief that coral had curative and protective powers. It cured blood deseases, protected during delivery and sheltered the newborn children. Coral was also used to chase the devil away.

The coral branch appears in numerous religious paintings from the 14th and 15th centuries, mostly in Nativity iconography.

The duality of coral, which lives in water and changes into stone when in contact with air, served in the past as the perfect embodiment of God’s divine and human nature.

Still today coral is very present in Spanish popular culture, it is worn on different pieces of jewellery for protection.

Coral is an icon of the Spanish gypsy imaginary.

The ‘Fake Gorgon’ ear cuff represents a fake coral meant to be worn only on the left ear. As per popular culture beliefs, the left part of the body was always the forbidden and cursed side.

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