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  • Sitting on a 50cm or 60cm chain
  • Charm measurements: Width: 8mm | Height: 15mm  
  • Available in solid 925 sterling silver, 18Kt gold-plated 925 silver with 3 microns & solid 18Kt gold.

Handcrafted in Cordoba, South of Spain.

    The shape of the feminine body represented fertility and was used to invoke fruitfulness of the land as well as couples. But the feminine genitals never appeared in the ancient iconography.
    The fringe that surrounds the Virgin in medieval depictions has been compared visually with the lips of the vulva, but the feminine genitals have always been completely a taboo outside of the scientific environment.
    Topics like menstruation, miscarriage or feminine pleasure start to being discussed in public and obtaining the normality that they deserve only in a society that advances towards gender equality.
    It is therefore necessary to add the image of the vulva to popular culture.

    IMPORTANT: The Gloriae pendant in 18Kt solid gold is made exclusively for you by order. The craftsmanship time takes 2/3 weeks before shipping. Please check our delivery policy.